How our approach to ‘next best behaviours’ allows us to identify the behaviours we want to encourage or consolidate for a given segment.

Some unintentional architectures including a lift control with the numbers in an unexpected order.
I used examples where the combination of elements fundamentally undermines the message or the utility of a design.

Text: I have nothing to share

Experiences are the result of an interaction between these two types of meaning-making architecture — the unique perspective of the user and their decoded representation of the embedded architecture in the environment.

A graph: Column A shows bars with equal colours. Column B has more yellow. Column C has only a little yellow.

Design is a structured process for managing ideas.

Face with tears of joy

Should we stop making menus?


I'm a Creative director at the BBC. I like words, design, data and magic. These are all my own views (apart from retweets. I borrowed those to look clever.)

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