How our approach to ‘next best behaviours’ allows us to identify the behaviours we want to encourage or consolidate for a given segment.

Experiences are the result of an interaction between these two types of meaning-making architecture — the unique perspective of the user and their decoded representation of the embedded architecture in the environment.

A graph: Column A shows bars with equal colours. Column B has more yellow. Column C has only a little yellow.

Should we stop making menus?

IAs organise and describe to try to increase the chances of people finding their way around and finding their way to the information they want. When I used to help build websites I organised pages into progressively specific categories. Then I labelled the categories. People navigated the websites I architected…


I'm a Creative director at the BBC. I like words, design, data and magic. These are all my own views (apart from retweets. I borrowed those to look clever.)

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