Bad Boss BS: “I only need to be good at one thing.”

Understanding the ‘ingredients’ within a situation and their amount or intensity can unlock insights to improve bad bossing.

Four 2d bad boss characters stood close to but slightly apart from a 3d bad boss character.

Let the scales fall from my eyes…

The bad boss character is now next to a scale with two extremes and an area on the scale is marked with a block, indicating the range of “good” and “bad” performance that the boss is capable of.
The Noel Burch competence model described in previous posts.

The mediating forces

Two scales, one for “adventurous” and another for “conscientious”. The blocks indicating competence are high for both behaviours.



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I'm a Creative director at the BBC. I like words, design, data and magic. These are all my own views (apart from retweets. I borrowed those to look clever.)