Bad Boss BS “I’ve made up my mind”

How do you support a boss who has an ineffective approach to decision-making?

Rigid ruler — “I’ve made up my mind”

A bad boss, in fact any decision maker can fall into the trap of thinking that changing their mind is a sign of weakness. Bosses are supposed to have the answers. They’re supposed to know what to do. Or so the logic goes with some “rigid rulers,” and once they’ve made up their mind they’re reluctant to change it, even when new information comes along.

Decision dodger — “I just need 5 more days…”

The decision dodger is different. They’re pre-disposed to avoid decisions. They might invent dependencies which don’t really exist. Or put hurdles in the way of the decision-making process –like requiring impossible levels of information before they’re willing to make a call.

Supporting decision makers

Making decisions is something bosses should be able to do. But decision-making can be hard and tiring. Decision fatigue describes the tendency for decision-making to become harder the more decisions we’re asked to make. This can be the daily reality for bosses — decisions stack up, back-to-back. So if you’re aware of multiple decisions stacking up for a boss, consider how you might help them by prioritising how you schedule what you ask for.



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