Bad Boss BS: “I’ve put in 10 minutes for us at the end of the month.”

How do you get the time you need with a boss to get their input?

A “bad boss” that looks a bit like a clock tower stands beside, but slightly apart from four 2d characters.

Ask for what you need

If you need a meeting with your boss to unlock progress, tell them. If it’s a complex challenge that will require 10-minutes just to explain the challenge, before you even get to a discussion of solutions, tell them that too. Never be afraid to ask for the time you think is needed to unlock progress.

A character made up of arrows approaches the “bad boss” character.
“Can we have a chat about this?” is rarely specific enough for bosses split across multiple contexts.

Please Participate

If you’ve had an experience of a bad boss, have a story to share or want advice, you can participate in this series by sending a message to @danramsden or completing this contributor form. I’m hoping to build a community around the experience of bad bosses — and share advice and practical adaptations so that we remain effective. There’ll be at least one post every week. If you have something to share, please get in touch.



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