Bad Boss BS: “We’ve talked about this before, haven’t we?”

When poor communication from a boss disguises our own blindspots

Know your blindspots

We’ve all got blindspots. Bad bosses probably have more than average. But even if we have a bad boss, there’s no guarantee that we don’t have blindspots of our own. In fact, when we have a bad boss there’s usually more chance that we’re missing opportunities to identify development areas — as the boss is probably unaware of them due to not paying attention to unable to communicate clearly about them.

Tuning for signals in the noise

We can pay attention to any feedback, even when it feels unfair and inaccurate. Maybe, in amongst the “noise” there are some valuable signals that we can translate into information. If there are recurrent patterns that we still find confusing or baffling, we can seek out trusted peers or others who know us well and explore it.



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I'm a Creative director at the BBC. I like words, design, data and magic. These are all my own views (apart from retweets. I borrowed those to look clever.)